Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ways to Clean Your Make Up Brushes Using Household Items

So today I decided to clean my Make-Up brushes by using a different method. I normally clean my brushes using extra virgin olive oil and Dawn's antibacterial dish soap! Thanks to Lingywashere I discovered a new way that might be even cheaper. All you need is rubbing alcohol and Pears Transparent soap from the dollar store (or any soap for that matter). I love this method as well! My thoughts extra virgin olive oil method and Dish soap is a great way to clean, disinfected, and condition your brushes. The Soap and alcohol is a GREAT way to also clean and disinfect your brushes.  I like that with the soap method you can hold the soap in your hand and massage the brush on the soap until it's clean.  Either way these are GREAT and Cheap ways to clean your makeup brushes using household items. Let me know which method works for you and check out a video below using the soap method!

Check Out Lingywashere's Video on cleaning Makeup brushes

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