Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyonce's Surprise Album

So I haven't honestly purchased a full album in FOREVER and then at midnight the Beyonce/ Beyhive Buzz started regarding her surprise album dropping. 

As a dance teacher I'm ALWAYS looking for great music so I figured I can trust Beyonce to deliver. So I went to iTunes and listen to every song first. Honestly at first I had a look on my face like, "what has happened to Beyonce" only a couple of songs caught my attention after only listening to the sample. Then I realized they provided video snippets for every song. I watched every video snippet and  was completely sold after that for several reasons 1) I admired her work ethic and that each video was different and visually stunning. 2) The songs made more sense and were more Beyonce than I realized! Needless to say I purchased the full visual album for only 15.99 :) Oh yea AND she had a clean version so I can teach something to my kid and teen dancers. Way to go Beyonce!!! 

So I have to share what I learned from Beyonce's release of this visual album as an entrepreneur. I was so inspired!

 1) trust your gut 
 2) take risk
 3) go against the grain 
 4) do you 
 5) create honest work

Thanks for the inspiration now I really can't wait for her to rock one of my Don't Be Shady Be Cool Tshirts that are available at ! :) 

Album available now on iTunes! 

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