Saturday, December 28, 2013

Getting Organized for 2014

Wow where did the year go? It's that time again time to set goals, do vision boards, and get organized. I just wanted to share with you all the awesome containers I saw at the dollar store.  I went in today and saw this awesome display with a great variety for only one dollar. Just in time for the new year. Go check out your local dollar store to see if they have them and get organized! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyonce's Surprise Album

So I haven't honestly purchased a full album in FOREVER and then at midnight the Beyonce/ Beyhive Buzz started regarding her surprise album dropping. 

As a dance teacher I'm ALWAYS looking for great music so I figured I can trust Beyonce to deliver. So I went to iTunes and listen to every song first. Honestly at first I had a look on my face like, "what has happened to Beyonce" only a couple of songs caught my attention after only listening to the sample. Then I realized they provided video snippets for every song. I watched every video snippet and  was completely sold after that for several reasons 1) I admired her work ethic and that each video was different and visually stunning. 2) The songs made more sense and were more Beyonce than I realized! Needless to say I purchased the full visual album for only 15.99 :) Oh yea AND she had a clean version so I can teach something to my kid and teen dancers. Way to go Beyonce!!! 

So I have to share what I learned from Beyonce's release of this visual album as an entrepreneur. I was so inspired!

 1) trust your gut 
 2) take risk
 3) go against the grain 
 4) do you 
 5) create honest work

Thanks for the inspiration now I really can't wait for her to rock one of my Don't Be Shady Be Cool Tshirts that are available at ! :) 

Album available now on iTunes! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ways to Clean Your Make Up Brushes Using Household Items

So today I decided to clean my Make-Up brushes by using a different method. I normally clean my brushes using extra virgin olive oil and Dawn's antibacterial dish soap! Thanks to Lingywashere I discovered a new way that might be even cheaper. All you need is rubbing alcohol and Pears Transparent soap from the dollar store (or any soap for that matter). I love this method as well! My thoughts extra virgin olive oil method and Dish soap is a great way to clean, disinfected, and condition your brushes. The Soap and alcohol is a GREAT way to also clean and disinfect your brushes.  I like that with the soap method you can hold the soap in your hand and massage the brush on the soap until it's clean.  Either way these are GREAT and Cheap ways to clean your makeup brushes using household items. Let me know which method works for you and check out a video below using the soap method!

Check Out Lingywashere's Video on cleaning Makeup brushes

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Queen Of Hearts Costume DIY

I haven't celebrated Halloween in YEARS but this year I went to support my BBD fam Ron DeVoe and his Monsters Ball Party at Frank Ski's. It was GREAT I almost forgot how much fun Halloween could be as an adult. That was also my first time at Frank Ski's even though I've heard great things about it and I will be going back! The energy was great and their were lots of creative costumes. I chose to be the queen of hearts and I made my costume myself thanks to Pinterest and some if my own creative touches...GO ME! I'm glad I was able to attend and I look forward to next year and you should too! Check out pics below and where I got my inspiration from.

Queen of Hearts DIY

Things you will Need!

Red form fitting Dress
3 Deck of Cards
Glue Gun
Red and Black Tutu
Red hair spray
Black or white tights
Black Boots
Gold Crown

Monday, October 7, 2013


So I've neglected my own youtube channel to go harder with my kids dance program channel Project SLIDE but I finally got around to posting a video yay I'm pushing myself as an entrepreneur to go harder with Being Shameless and promoting myself thanks to a youtuber named Shameless Maya. Check out her youtube channel she has done A LOT in a year by simply shamelessly promoting herself. When I first started my company in error, I use to push my company harder than myself I recently realize through my studies that it is important to promote yourself first. There is more security in YOU so promote yourself first that is my tip for the month. So with that being said here is my latest video and be sure to check out my website More videos and shameless promotion coming soon. Thanks for all the support and stay inspired.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Be Shady Be Cool T-Shirt UPDATE! Thanks Itsmyrayeraye

Thanks so much to all that continue to support me. I follow itsmyrayeraye on youtube and absolutely love her channel. I even choreographed a dance to her theme song and she was nice enough to retweet it etc. So I decided to send her an official Don't be Shady Be Cool T-shirt and she loved it! Thanks itsmyrayeraye and thanks to all that have supported more designs to come! Don't forget to visit to get your official Don't be Shady be Cool T-shirt!

Monday, July 29, 2013


HEY GUYS! Thanks for all your support I've been working hard lately trying to finally get some of my ideas out. I'm excited to announce my first T-shirt Design available for purchase NOW for only $19.99. Get your exclusive T-shirt TODAY!        #dontbeshadybecool