Saturday, November 2, 2013

Queen Of Hearts Costume DIY

I haven't celebrated Halloween in YEARS but this year I went to support my BBD fam Ron DeVoe and his Monsters Ball Party at Frank Ski's. It was GREAT I almost forgot how much fun Halloween could be as an adult. That was also my first time at Frank Ski's even though I've heard great things about it and I will be going back! The energy was great and their were lots of creative costumes. I chose to be the queen of hearts and I made my costume myself thanks to Pinterest and some if my own creative touches...GO ME! I'm glad I was able to attend and I look forward to next year and you should too! Check out pics below and where I got my inspiration from.

Queen of Hearts DIY

Things you will Need!

Red form fitting Dress
3 Deck of Cards
Glue Gun
Red and Black Tutu
Red hair spray
Black or white tights
Black Boots
Gold Crown

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