Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moving Forward! Thank You Solange!

So everyone that really knows me knows that besides being super silly I LOVE GOOD CLASSY entertainment. I long for the day when music and true showmanship are at the forefront. Music, Live Performances, Sitcoms, Movies, etc are just NOT what they use to be and at times I feel like we are going backwards! :( Anyway without going on a tangent I just have to give props to Solange Knowles for her new song "Losing You" and video. Everything about this was just RIGHT! Thank YOU SOLANGE! Oh and her performance on Jimmy Fallon was just brilliant. Check it out! Very simple, effective, and cohesive.  It simply looks like she just put some thought into every aspect and made all the right choices. Thank You! No one seems to do that anymore! Anyway check it out and let's just continue to MOVE FORWARD! Solange Performing Losing You on Jimmy Fallon!

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